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Now Offering Laser Hair Removal!

Packages (6 sessions) + $75 unlimited touch-ups if needed.

Priced per area with package price OR per session below. 

Receive 10% off price of the package if paid up front.

Payment plans available!

40% down + 6 equal monthly payments

Small face area            $825
      (Lip+chin, cheek, or neck) $200 per session
Full Face                     $1300
   (full face and upper neck) $325 per session
Axilla                          $1300
    (Underarm) $350 per session
Bikini                          $1300
    (Outer bikini) $350 per session
Bikini Extended           $1650
    (+2-inch inside bikini) $375 per session
Brazilian                     $2000
    (Full thing!) $425 per session
Lower Leg                   $1675
    (Knee to ankle) $375 per session
Back or chest               $1675
       (Full back or full chest) $375 per session
Arms                           $1675
      (Full arms) $375 per session
Full Leg                      $3300
     (Upper thigh to ankle) $725 per session

Most treatments will require at least 4-5 sessions.

Refine Members enjoy an additional percentage off your package!

Removal efficacy is based on skin color in contrast to hair color.  Our laser can be used on almost all skin types.  Book a free consultation to see if you're a good candidate for laser hair removal!

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