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REFINE Facials

Refine Custom Facial

60 mins

Basic facial tailored to your specific skin care needs using an array of products and peels from our favorite brands - Face Reality, Revision, and ZO Skin Health.  Perfect first time facial for beginners or those who want to discuss their facial concerns and needs. 

Dermaplane Facial

75 mins

Dermaplaning is a safe form of manual exfoliation using a sharp blade to "scrape" off dead skin cells and the vellus hair from the face.  Skin is prepped with a double cleanse, steam, and glycolic acid, followed by light extractions, treatment mask, and facial massage.


Teen Facial

60 mins

Skin is prepped for extractions with steam and Face Reality enzyme mask.  Following extractions, a calming clay mask is applied to reduce redness, inflammation, and calm the skin.  Complimentary skin care consult available upon request.


Brightening ZO Stimulator Peel Facial

75 mins

The ZO stimulator peel treats fines lines, dull appearance, dry texture, and hyperpigmentation. This facial includes a double cleanse, steam, exfoliation, stimulator peel and light extractions, followed by the ZO brightening sheet
mask. This powerful mask minimizes brown spots, pore size, and inflammation,  leaving the skin with a noticeable afterglow.


Acne Facial with Extractions

90 mins

Skin is prepped for extractions with steam, physical and acid exfoliation, and hot towels.
Extra time is added for careful extractions. Following extractions, a treatment mask is applied with hot or cold therapy to calm, sooth and reduce inflammation.


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