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Botox®, Dysport, Xeomin, Jeuveau


Neuromodulators, an injectable service offered by Refine Savannah, work by relaxing and paralyzing the muscles of the face that cause fine lines and wrinkles. Especially effective in the muscles of the face that are responsible for expression lines like frown lines and horizontal forehead lines.

Consultations for Neuromodulator injections with our providers are complimentary with your service!  We don't require minimum amount of units for injections and are happy to dose you conservatively depending on your goals for wrinkle relaxation.

Pricing (per unit)

Xeomin $11
Dysport $12
Jeuveau $12

Botox $13 

15% off For Refine Members


Where can you get it and how many units do you need?

1. Forehead lines (5-12)

2. Frown lines (10-20)

3. Crows Feet (6-12)

4. Eyebrow lift (2-6)

5. Bunny Lines (2-6)

6. Chin Dimples (2-6)

7. Lip Flip (2-5)

8. Mouth Downturn (4-6)

In Office Before & Afters

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XEOMIN 12 units.png
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